Transrealities #2 // American Comic Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk. In this post, we’re going to talk about Transrealities #2.

Transrealities is an American superhero comic. The story follows shapeshifter Liz who works under the superhero name Whoever and is incidentally a transwoman.

Liz works with a team of quirky superheroes and one day the group confront a villain who attempts to time-travel. This adventure forces Liz to face her past and herself before she transitioned.

My Thoughts Before Reading

I read the first issue of this comic back in the Spring, and was entertained by the quirky nature of it. So, I’m hoping to enjoy this issue too for the same reason.

In addition, this is the confrontation time between Liz and her past, so I’m expecting some drama too. This will probably be more of an emotional chapter than a crime fighting/kick butt chapter.

This is Transrealities #2.


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After reading Transrealitlies #2, I can’t help but feel disappointed.

Perhaps the problem is that I expected too much out of the 5-part comic series. Maybe, I wanted some fun or big adventured superhero story with a emotionally moving plot and a transgender character at the center of it.

So far, I have a superhero story with a transgender character at the center.

Not Enough There

Ultimately, the story has done nothing to make me care. In fact, I don’t even care enough to write a non-spoiler and spoiler section separetly.

Plus, there’s not enough content to make two full sections of commentary anyway. Somehow, the story moves quickly while also having nothing really going on. Essentially it was a fast point a, to point b, to point c situation that really had no depth to it

That said, pacing is somehow slow in that characters come to realizations and questions too slowly. Yes, the readers have all the information so it’s easier for us to connect the dots, but I wish watching the characters get to what I already knew was at least more entertaining to watch. 

So far, I’m just quickly and passively flipping through the pages.


The one thing that I do care about though is Liz. While yes, her story isn’t as engaging as I want it to be, I am enjoying her turmoil through it. And yes, I realize that’s messed up to say.

The thing is, seeing her having to deal with this alternate reality is the only fun aspect of the series (especially since the quirky teammates aren’t around). Also, the artist, Steven Horry, does a really good job of drawing Liz’s reactions to it all.


Overall, Transrealities #2 was just ok. It wasn’t exciting but it wasn’t horrible. I’m interested in seeing where Liz goes next, but I’m not compelled by the storytelling of her story.

I’m hoping that issue #3 has me floored and doing a 360 in thoughts. And, that it has enough content to make talking about it a little more fun.

Is it just me who didn’t have fun reading this issue? Did some of you think differently? Let me know down in the comments below.