New QF Format? Full Service Kickstarter Over Succeeds?

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk. Today is Friday and that means it’s time for the Weekly Update. The stories for this week include the powerful Unchechen video about the Chechnya situation, the Mass Effect Series being placed on the backburner, the Walking Dead celebrating Pride Month, the Full Service Kickstarter Over Succeeds, the Taisho Meibus Line anime getting a site, and more! In addition, I have a big announcement concerning the Youtube Channel as a whole.

If you don’t know, Queer Fudanshi has a weekly segment that shares LGBT and BL media news. The Weekly Update keeps readers in the know about upcoming kickstarters with LGBT themes/characters. In addition, I share news of casting announcements from Hollywood concerning Queer people. I also tell you guys about releases for video games, foreign films, and more. This is all to keep you up-to-date concerning LGBT and BL media news.

The Youtube Video

As usual, you can only get the Weekly Update information through the Youtube channel, so click here or above to watch this week’s news.

That said, I laso have an update for the Youtube channel as whole! I’ll now be putting all of the regular Youtube segments into 1 video. That means the Random Talk, the Last Week’s Queer Reviews, and the Weekly Update will all go into one video every Friday. I explain why in the video, so go check it out!