FrameBook, Gay/Supernatural Web comic, and Lesbian Anime? (LWQR)

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Today is Wednesday and that means it’s time for Last Week’s Queer Reviews. Today, I’ve got media containing things like FrameBook finally getting some focus, a pleasant web comic about a demon falling in love, a surprising lesbian twist to a Spring 2016 anime, and 30+ episode drama from Thailand.

If you don’t know, this blog’s LWQR posts are a weekly update on the past week’s reviews. This post shows readers what kind of media the blog is reviewing. Also, the goal of Queer Fudanshi is to show fans of LGBT media that multiple movies, tv shows, books and more are out there (More can be found in the About Page).

So without further ado, here is Last Week’s Queer Reviews.

  1. Make it Right the Series Episode 6 and FrameBook

Hugging FrameBook

Make it Right the Series is a tv show from Thailand. The show airs on tv before then being uploaded on Line TV and later on translated across the internet. The series follows a bunch of high school boys as they explore their sexualities and their love lives. Specifically, the story focuses a lot on Fuse as he is pulled between is girlfriend whom he loves (but who cheated on him), and his friend Tee whom he’s started to fall for.

That said, Make it Right the Series Episode 6 focuses more on the FrameBook couple. Frame and Book are both friends and classmates of Fuse. FrameBook have been shown together and it’s been shown in promotion that they would be an item. This episode starts off their story as FrameBook attempt a hookup on Jack’d only to found out they were texting each other.

As a little quick (and spoiler free) review, I will say that this is a good episode. The show has a very long term presentation to it, so it has slowly lead up to this episode. All that has paid off by giving an enjoyable episode where two boys realize, “Hey, I’m kind of into you.” You should definitely watch this medium.


  1. Kiznaiver Episode 6-7

Happy Maki

Next, I have been going on an anime binge and watching all of the Spring 2016 anime shows. I have enjoyed currently airing shows like Tanaka-kun, Flying Witch, Re:Zero, and Assassination Classroom Season 2. One surprising hit with me was Kiznaiver.

Kiznaiver is about 7 classmates with varying personalities. The seven find themselves a part of some secret experiment to connect people together. The high school students then find that they can feel each other’s physical pain. The show over all is very good. That said, it’s the character above that gets QF’s attention.

Maki, one of the seven, was revealed to have a LGBT themed backstory. I won’t go into detail here, but I will say I was not expecting it and found it impressive. Warning (and slight spoilers), the story does include the dead lesbian trope. (end of spoilers).

This show is already good, but that added lesbian plot (trope aside) makes it a great show to watch.

  1. Part Time the Series Episode 1


Next, we have another Asian property. This time, however, the story is not a Boys Love. Part Time the Series is a 30+ episode tv series (that’s releases online). The story is about teenagers living their diverse lives. The story starts off with Mong (seen left) as he moves to Bangkok to go to school. Sadly, he immediately finds that he is homeless and needs to find a job quick. The story then blossoms from there.

Based off of the first episode, I’m looking forward to see the rest of the show. It has a very large cast, and apparently takes the time to focus on each one of them (even if just a little bit). This first episode was a nice intro to the story. It teased characters, and set up the plight of Mong, which made him into an interesting character to watch. While I’m not sure about the series as a whole yet, this episode is worth watching.

  1. Tobias and Guy

Lastly, we have Tobias and Guy, a web comic found on Tumblr. The creator, nicknamed Daz, wanted to try his hand at making a web comic, and his experiment little exploded. The story starts with the comic strip seen above. Guy, a normal man meets a demon and the two awkwardly start to date. From there the two room in together, get a roommate, and get a dog.

Sadly, this web comic is completely, honestly I would prefer it to keep going. Due to this, there is a limited number of official Tobia and Guy images. That said, what we do have is precious. This is surprisingly a calm and relaxing story unlike what is expected from it’s premise. I fully recommend this web comic.

That is it for this week’s Last Week’s Queer Reviews. Tell me your thoughts below if you liked or disliked any of the media that were reviewed.

And as always, I hope you’re all doing well.