What’s Good LGBTQ Representation?

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Let’s talk. Today, we’re going to talk about the idea of good LGBTQ Representation in media.

New to Monday Posts? Every Monday I pick a random topic to share and talk to you guys about. In addition, each topic can have a varying category.

There are Ramble times where I discuss topics in a more casual fashion such as Why #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyFriend is Plausible, but not Possible, or How Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (AKA The Scorbus Play) Failed the LGBT Community. Lastly, there are Character Studies such as the ones I did for The Mindy Project and Ugly Betty where I discuss Queer characters from media with detail. Are they great representation? Are they not? And why.

So Let’s Get Talking.

The Youtube Video

Just as with the talk about Rictor from the X-Men, and the post about the Mass Effect Series, this random talk is inspired by a recently released media. Instead of an X-men movie or a sci-fi video game, this topic is based off of the release of the new Power Rangers movie.

After hearing that the Yellow ranger was gay, the media reviewed the film and either didn’t cover that topic, or said it was verging on queer bait. Then, after watching the film myself, my opinion differed. Because of this, I decided to talk about “what makes good LGBTQ representation in media? Isn’t a gay character enough?”

Click on the Youtube video to hear my thoughts on the topic. In addition, make sure to share your own thoughts in the comments below after watching the video. (Also, don’t worry BL fans. I’ve also included talk about Yuri on Ice and No. 6 as well.).