Will and Grace 2016 Election // American TV/Short Clip Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk. Today, we’re going to talk about the Will and Grace 2016 Election video.

If you don’t know, Will and Grace was a American tv comedy that ran for 8 seasons between 1998 and 2006. The series followed best friends Will and Grace, and their two (more hilarious) friends Jack and Karen, as they lived out nearly a decade of friendship, love, breakups, career moves, and gay culture.

Last month, the four main actors returned and recorded a special nine minute video to discuss the current American Presidential Election. With the video gaining over 6 million views on Youtube, the clip has even brought up discussion for a possible limited revival run for the show.

This is the Will And Grace 2016 Election video.

Where to Watch:


The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

I’m very happy that this video was uploaded, and I’m even happier that the show may come back because of it. Will and Grace is a staple of gay culture in America, and its wonderful that the show can still be fun and engaging a decade later.

The Humor

The humor of the show was still funny even from a modern perspective. This clip had the usual comedic timing and setup as the original show. The things that changed were the modern topics and words that came out the actors’s mouths. Brad and Angelina’s divorce, the Trump/Clinton election, and more all helped us viewers see that this show is still funny (and relevant) in our 2010s world.

Just like how Fuller House managed to make a comeback, it seems that older sitcom setups haven’t fully expired yet.



In addition to merging the old with the new, the show was capable of reminding us fans of the wonderful gags the old show had. Just Jack, Grace’s terrible singing, the wonderful, and way too short, Rosario cameo. All of it was great and it all made me laugh and feel a little homesick.

It was even better seeing these characters after so long. Let’s face it guys, I was child when this show ended. I’ve changed a lot since the show went off the air. That said, the characters and the show itself have not. Even if in this upcoming revival the show focuses on what’s changed, I have this video to remind me that at the same time a lot hasn’t.

Perhaps that’s the key for the success of this coming revival and any future shows trying a second run. The show needs to find a way to mix the old and the new, while also giving us a lot to be nostalgic about. If the new revival works like this special video did, I have no worries.

The Production

In fact, that makes me wonder how this production was put together. Who paid for it? Who directed it? Wrote it? Who built it behind the scenes? The set looks the same, so is it pieces of the old one or perhaps the actual set from the previous show? Or did they actually put the work into remaking said set? All that is info I wanna hear about.

In Conclusion

I loved it! It was a great surprise and great fun. It brought up nice memories about the show, and it even brought up discussion about a revival, which I would love to see become a reality.

My rating for the Will and Grace 2016 Election video is 5 stars out of 5. What’s yours?

Ps: I know if you’re in the United State of America you must be tired of hearing this on the internet, I certainly am, but remember to vote on November 8th (or earlier if your state allows)!