Yandaixiejie No. 10 Episode 1 (Web Series)

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Today I’m going to review Yandaixiejie No. 10 Episode 1!

Yandaixiejie No. 10 or No. 10 Skewered Tobacco Pouch Street is a Chinese BL web series. If you don’t know, BL means boys love which is a genre that focuses on gay male love (yeah, pretty easy).

This show is based off of a two part book series by Jian Zou Pian Feng (剑走偏锋). Yandaixiejie No. 10 follows Liang Ze, played by Luo YiHang/Alan, who’s a novelist with a “weird” personality. Liange Ze meets pet shop owner Hang Hang, played by Gong Zheng, through an online chatroom. The two decide to meet in person at No. 10 YanDiaXie Street, the address of the store. It’s there that their love story really begins.

Like Make it Right the Series, this is a new boys love series that’s gaining a lot of love and attention. This very detailed Soompi page has more info on the show.

Keep in mind as we watch the show together that I am going in this show as fresh and unknowing as all of you.

This is Yandaixiejie No. 10 Episode 1.


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The Review (Spoilers Ahead):

Besides the club scene there’s something wrong with the audio in this show. The scene with hungover Liange Ze in his bedroom seemed dubbed, which felt awkward when I noticed it. I could have sworn that his voice wasn’t matching his lips as if he recorded audio over the video filming.

Maybe it’s because they were under a low budget and had terrible audio while filming. Then they had to dub over the video to keep to a consistent audio quality. Once I noticed the dubbing it was awkward, but then I thought it was only for that scene so I wasn’t going to complain. At least it wasn’t like My Best Gay Friends, which had dubbing throughout the show right?

Shocked Huang Hang

Wrong. ‘Cause later it sounded like Huang Hang’s voice was dubbed over too. Then it started to sound like everyone’s was. Ultimately, that just left me sitting while doubting myself. “Was I just hearing things?” I swear it sounds like their voices are being dubbed, but I’m not totally sure. Maybe the next episode or two will give me clarity on this.

(Note from July 12, 2016*: I have since found out that the dubbing is used throughout the show to keep the audio consistent. Since some actors had heavy accents the production team thought it wise to dub mostly everyone’s voices except for those who could do a consistent Beijing accent. A full explanation is below in the comments).

As for the characters… they’re fine. Nothing about the plot or characters has drawn me in yet. This episode just felt like very basic exposition that set up the story. Oh we have this slacker guy who’s a novelist. Something’s wrong with his animals. He goes to his online friend who owns a pet shop. Honestly, none of that was exciting or very interesting. The actors seemed to be doing a fine job however, and those animals were so cute.

Cuties 2

Also, right now the world seems small. This episode focused on two small rooms with basically nothing in them and shot them from one or two angles. Very basic work. That said, maybe they’re saving up for bigger sets further in the series.

So after watching this episode I don’t have much that I liked, but I didn’t hate it. Hopefully the following episodes will bring me in.

Yandaixiejie No. 10 Episode 1 gets 2 stars out of 5.