Yuri on Ice Episode 10 // Japanese TV Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk. Today, we’re going to talk about Yuri on Ice Episode 10.

If you don’t know what Yuri On Ice is, it’s a anime from Japan. The show is a sports/underdog story about Yuri, a Japanese figure skater who’s been down on his luck. One day, he’s recorded while mimicking the skating routine of his idol Viktor. Viktor sees this and then suddenly shows up at Yuri’s home saying that he’ll be his coach. The two then undergo a journey of sportsmanship and love of the craft.

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My Thoughts Before Watching

Based off of the preview from the last episode, I’m expecting this episode to be a nice, chill one. I’m expecting a funny, heartwarming, relief episode full of fanservice to give us a break before the last two episodes which’ll be all about the final competition. In other words, amuse me Yuri on Ice Episode 10. Amuse me.

This is Yuri on Ice Episode 10.

Where to Watch (Legal English Subs):


The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

This is by far my favorite episode. Yes that’s right, this episode somehow trumped episode 7. I think the reason for that is that episode 7 only had the amazing kiss at the end. The rest of the episode was just a typical competition. Not only was Yuri on Ice Episode 10 a great episode because it fully confirmed Vikturi and made all doubters (myself included at times) shut up, but because of everything else in the episode.

The Character moments

First off, this episode was voiced in Viktor’s perspective. I loved that I got to get a little bit of Viktor’s thoughts and feelings toward the world around him. Second, the episode was a lot of chill time with the characters. At first, I worried that the episode would be a filler. When Viktor was introducing the skaters who made it to the finals I thought the episode would be half filler explaining each character and half new content. Luckily, I was wrong.

This episode was full of wonderful character moments such as Yuri (from Russia) becoming friends with the new character Otabek. Then, there was the two scenes where characters showed their dislike of JJ. I’m glad that the characters and I agree on that matter. In fact, while watching I was filled with petty joy knowing he wasn’t as adored as he thought. As for Chris… I just don’t get it. That character’s not sexy at all to me. What do you guys think? Do you think the character’s as sexy as the show’s trying to make him?

The Beautiful Animation and Scenery


Another great thing about this episode was the wonderful animation and artistry. No, I don’t mean the beautiful detail the production team put into Yuri’s butt in the hotel room, but yes that is part of it.

Particularly, the design for the location of the episode was stunning. I’m sure they copied or traced over photographs of real life Barcelona because so much of it was atmospheric. In fact, I know they did for sure because the shot of Yuri (from Russia) and Otabek was at a location I’m somewhat familiar with. Anyone familiar with Cheetah Girls? Yes, that’s right, they were standing in the same spot the Cheetah Girls were in while singing “Strut” in the second movie. That spot is a real location in Barcelona called Park Güell. That got a little excitement out of me while watching.

The Vikturi

Lastly, and of course, there is the 100% confirmation of Vikturi. While before there still remained a little leg room for queer bait or a “you can see the relationship if you want or not see it if you don’t want to,” this episode kicked that out the door.

First, my fudanshi senses were tingling when I read Viktor’s thoughts on Yuri. “Yuri’s life and love” changed him? Yuri’s a “sleeping beauty?” I could hear the fan fiction being written as Viktor. But then, the rings came out and nothing else mattered. That moment was beautiful for many reasons. The background was stunning, and the significance of the scene was tear-jerking.

Lastly, there was the engagement announcement. That’s it folks. They are not only official, but they gettin’ hitched too! I have to say, Pichit was the real MVP for bringing out that conversation in the first place! Oh, and let’s not forget that outro! Can we please keep that outro? The photos were hilarious and got my inner fanboy to come out, but it was the last shot that held the real significance. The scene of a drunk Yuri asking Viktor to be his coach and then the shot of Viktor blushing told a lot. First, that it wasn’t random that Viktor decided to be Yuri’s coach and second that Viktor fell for Yuri that night. Adorable.

In Conclusion

I loved it. I loved everything about this episode. All of it was fun, beautiful, and loving in so many ways. Again, if you are not watching this series, YOU MUST FIX THAT!

My rating for Yuri on Ice Episode 10 is 5 stars out of 5. What’s Yours?