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Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk! In this post, we’re going to talk about 2 Moons the Series.

2 Moons the Series is a BL tv drama from Thailand. The story follows a group of guys at a university during the Moon and Star competition which essentially is a Mr. & Mrs. University competition. (If you’re a fan of Sotus the Series, this will sound familiar).

Specifically, Wayo (or Yo) came to his university to pursue his high school crush Phana (or Pha). At first, the two are at ends with each other, but when Yo gets chosen in the competition to see if he is the Moon of the university the two become closer.

On top of that, Yo’s best friend Ming, a known playboy, also goes to the university (and is competing in the contest) and supports Yo in his pursuit of Pha. But, Ming might get distracted when he crosses paths with Pha’s tsundere friend Kitt.

This is 2 Moons the Series.

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The Talk (Non-Spoilers):

At first, I was apprehensive about 2 Moons the Series, but as I kept going I realized 2 Moons is cheesy and fun (in a good way).

I enjoyed the two main couples and their sickeningly cutesy and cheesy moments, I found myself interested in the general B plot of the Moon and Star competition, I loved that friendship and supportive friends are at the center of this show, and though I have some problems with the main couple, I look forward to seeing more of them in season 2.

That said, I will point out more specifically that 2 Moons the Series can get pretty cheesy and tropey. So, for those who seriously mind that stuff, this show isn’t for you.

That said, for people like me who love “love stories” and can at least tolerate trope filled romance, this is definitely worth a watch. I even found myself forgetting to take notes and transitioning into fanboy/fudanshi mode at times (especially for MingKitt. I love them with all my heart…).

So, if you’re looking for a young adult romance and can deal with the cheese, go for this series. If you’re looking for a more nuanced, mature, and developed story, this isn’t quite it.

The Talk (Spoilers):

Episode 1

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Episode 2

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Episode 3

The real star of this episode to me was Ming. I like Ming for the best friendship he has with Yo, and how supportive of he is of Yo. Though, thank god Ming was like, “Dude, get over yourself,” at the end of the episode. Even friends have to take a stand to their buddies’s craziness.

That said, I do want to see his actor, Kimmon, play something different than this bubbly type of character. He played it in Part Time the Series and he’s playing it in this. I want to see something else from him.

As for Pha and Yo, it’s clear that the two are getting closer and Pha’s figuring out Yo’s real identity. Just the way he stared at Yo shows that. Which, by the way, did Yo’s style seriously change that much for Pha to look at him like the love of his life has returned from the dead?

Also, I have to point out that I nearly gagged (not really) at the cliché and corny falling in the rain scene. Come on guys, I may be a fudanshi but I’m not gonna fall for such a cheesy and obvious attempt at making the viewers swoon.

Extra Thoughts

  • Did they just leave their umbrella outside? I get that it would get the store wet but in what city is that a smart decision?
  • Handsome smartass is also smart. Cliché.
  • It took way too long for someone to yell at Yo and Ming for talking when they should be practicing. They were front and center, and you can see the extras being distracted and totally aware if them.
  • Aww, the way Yo’s star (don’t know name) looked at him was adorable. Too bad he’s into Pha, honey.

Episode 4

This episode showed me the three big problems that I have with 2 Moons the Series overall.

First, the fact that Pha completely changes his character after realizing who Yo is. Yes, he showed care towards Yo before, but he also said incredibly rude and offensive things to Yo (I will never forget/forgive the suicide joke).

My problem is that the “jerk Pha” is still in there. He may act sweet to Yo now, but that “jerk” personality is still a part of him. I’m not saying he’ll turn on Yo, but that aggressiveness isn’t just going to disappear (unless the writers don’t want to consider that reality and rather focus on the fantasy of their love).

Next, Yo bases way too much of his own feelings and happiness on Pha’s actions. Yo’s mood is constantly going up and down based off of Pha. Yes, that’s what it’s like to have a crush but we already know Yo is obsessive (I mean, an altar? Really?), so its fair to say Yo is already in an unhealthy state of mind concerning this guy.

Lastly, this show is a huge culprit of the “I’m Not Gay” trope.  Ming saying he wants to be popular with girls (and telling Yo to go for boys) and Beam saying if Yo were a girl he’d pursue her are just two examples. This show feels the need to keep reminding us that these guys normally prefer women. In this episode, it was just something that I noticed, but it becomes more later on.

Extra Thoughts

  • How rich is Pha to have that car?
  • “Please master.” I bet that got Pha’s nether regions going.
  • Yo going back to bed saying “I’ve still got time” and then over sleeping. Dat me.
  • I like Pha’s wet hairstyle.
  • These are very spacious dorm rooms.

Episode 5

At the start of this episode, I was predicting that the rest of this season was going go be about Yo and Pha and then focus on the two other couples next season. Then just as I predicted that, MingKitt started to happen.

The more I watch 2 Moons the Series the more I like Ming. He’s not just supportive but he’s also real. If Yo gets on his nerves with his obsession of Pha he’s honest about it. I like that.

Despite my apprehension to both Pha and Yo, I do admit that I’m fudanshi trash and I started to fall for the romance starting in this episode. Pha’s “Am I handsome?” line had me writing in my notes, “I will not fall for this cute and adorable flirting that’s clearly an attack at my fudanshi heart. I will not. I am strong.”

Though, as adorable as the flirting was. The emphasis on the key kiss was stupid. I just wanted Yo to follow through and grab the keys with his mouth. Get Pha on edge for once.

Also, I find it interesting the easy transition the characters have towards gender attraction and sexuality. They say they’re interested in girls but quickly accept attraction to boys in both themselves and their friends. It’d say it’s almost an enlightening approach towards the topic of sexuality.

Though I was mostly sure the writing wasn’t thinking that far and just going with the classic “straight playboys fall for other boys” route while I watched the episode, the story had me doubting that thought.

Extra Thoughts

  • Pha just wasted a whole plate of food.
  • I’m dying (laughing) at Yo’s face after Pha said he’d call him Nong Yo. He was all, “I love you. Please love me back.”
  • A beach trip might become a new cliché for my BL cliché list.
  • Me calling things cliché has become a cliché of its own…
  • Can I just say that the organizer of the moon and star event left me with a good impression. She just seems very reliable and together. Props to the actress playing her.

Episode 6

In terms of Pha and Yo in this episode of 2 Moons the Series, I mostly just have to say that the beginning scenes were fujoshi/fudanshi bait and I’ll be honest… I fell for it. I didn’t breathe for the entire scene.

As for Ming and Kitt, I have more to say. (Mostly, that I’m loving them more and more as each episode goes by. Though, that “I love KitKat” pun was WAY too heavyhanded).

I get why Kitt is interested in Ming (or the story’s way of making him start to be interested) but what’s Ming’s reason? The story was basically like, “Alright, it’s time for Ming to show an interest in Kitt now and start teasing him.”

Also, didn’t Ming say an episode or two ago that he wants to be popular with girls and now he wants to date a guy? Let’s be honest, this is showing that my own thinking towards sexuality isn’t as open and unboxed as I think or would prefer it to be. But at the same time, I don’t think the writers were trying to be that advanced in their perspective on sexuality and love.

Extra Thoughts

  • The photoshoot scene with the girls was too long. That’s not what we’re here for. We want wet boys not wet girls.
  • Poor Forth, someone should tell him he has second lead syndrome.
  • What hotel room (of that size) has a doorbell? So unnecessary.
  • Why’d Pha open the door in his underwear?
  • Why’d Pha leave the room in his underwear?…
  • Lots of rape talk in this episode….
  • If there was ever a person that embodied a baby deer, it would be Yo.

Episode 7

While watching this episode, I didn’t have contemplative thoughts like I’d had in the last few episodes, but I did have a few observational thoughts. As such, I’m just gonna leave them in their bullet point form.

  • Pha: “What do you think I am?” Yo: “I don’t know,” and neither do I really. This guy flipped into this slightly teasing nice guy from the jackass he was before.
  • Eating out of Yo’s hand. Cheesy. 
  • I love that Tee plays such a bubbly character in this show. His Beam character is so different from the stoic Tee from Part Time the Series.
  • So cheesy. The boys looking that into naked Yo was too much. Funny, but over-the-top acting.
  • Wasn’t this beach trip supposed to be only 1 day?
  • The actors playing young Yo, Pha, Kitt, and Beam, are so cute and tiny. You can just put them in your pocket (Watch them become the next big actors).
  • Younger Beam was shorter than Younger Kitt. Doesn’t work with the “Kitt was a small dude” backstory.
  • If Pha knew Wayo’s name since high school, wouldn’t he have known who Yo was from the get go instead of being all “he looks just like that guy….”? Or, did he never learn Yo’s name in the first three episodes?

Episode 8

I’m happy that things between Pha and Yo are going well. Despite the problems I have with them individually, I do realize that their couple scenes are adorable.

In addition, their story is a nicely paced romance. We don’t focus on misunderstandings for ungodly long amounts of time like with Window Beyond Window. Plus, the confession scene went well. Pha showing Yo that he kept the letter was the most romantic thing in this entire season. Forget all the cheesy rainfall/key kiss/bed flirting stuff. That letter had real worth and meaning. That was the deepest romantic gesture in all of 2 Moons the Series.

That said, now that PhaYo is more established, this is the perfect time to focus on a different couple.

Extra Thoughts

  • The chef is so invested in their relationship. The chef is us!
  • Its very bright in Yo’s room for it to be 6 in the morning.
  • It’s amazing that Pha didnt freak at the Pha altar. 

Episode 9

And what did I say? MingKitt get more attention in this episode. Hurray!

Honestly, I want a whole season with just Kitt and Ming because only half of 2 Moons the Series just isn’t cutting it. (Oh, and ForthBeam since they never become a thing in this season).

I just really love the MingKitt dynamic. It’s the cliché bubbly person meets tsundere pairing, but I think I’m finding out that such a pairing is my favorite trope.

Also, I have to say that I genuinely am interested in seeing the Moon and Star event and seeing who wins. Seeing all the characters talk about it so much brought me to that thought. And, I’m actually rooting for Yo to win cause everyone’s thinking he’ll lose.

Extra Thoughts

  • That blatant product placement though…

Episode 10

At this point in the series, I’m deeply fanboying over MingKitt.

Not only was I thrilled every time a scene changed and the focus stayed on MingKitt, but I was also happy to see that it was Yo’s turn to be supportive of Ming in his relationship.

That said, I did wish that this season of 2 Moons the Series at least lightly touched on ForthBeam rather than saving it for the next one. Would the story have been too crowded? Maybe. But, at this point it’s clear that Beam is a hilarious character who deserves more screen time and a romance would do just the trick.

Also, I now feel bad for originally rooting for Yo. Ming will be devastated if he loses and doesn’t get to go on a date with Ming. Though, I’m sure Kitt would feel bad for him and take him out anyway but then reject any idea that he was comforting Ming (like the tsundere he is).

  • “It isn’t a question of male or female. What matters is whether you like the person or not.” Maybe the writing is being smart afterall…
  • Despite the problems with his switch up, adoring Pha is cute.

Episode 11

I loved my notes for this episode of 2 Moons the Series, so I decided to keep them bullet pointed again.

  • Who are these superstar looking people hosting a university competition?
  • These moons are not dancers….
  • That group dance was awkward.
  • Thank god the Prink situation is finally resolved.
  • Ming/Kimmon! I’ve never thought of you in this way before but now that I’ve seen you shirtless…
  • See that Kitt? Your man can fight for you! Though, I have a feeling he doesnt need it.
  • Pha alone listening to Yo. Cheesy but a beautiful shot.
  • I love that Yo eventually befriended the fans from episode 1. It’s great that the production team totally flipped the situation from the joke in the first episode.
  • Wait! Is Kitt not gonna give a rose to Ming? Ming should totally raise a stink about that.
  • Also, the boys totally just cheated for Yo….
  • I love that the Star of the College of Science (don’t know her name) won an award cause I lowkey wanted her to get more airtime.
  • How did Pha win his competition? He’s so awkward on stage.
  • The hostess’s bracelet fell around 40:31…
  • How was the moon of the university chosen? Because Yo won way more mini-awards than Ming.

Episode 12

You can tell I was emotionally invested in MingKitt when I got mad that Ming “was cheating” on Kitt. My actual notes: “You can just see the hurt in Kitt’s face. Being led on by that bastard Ming. He’s dead to me.” Thankfully, Ming resolved it and won both Kitt’s and my trust again.

On the note of Ming being a playboy… why? No offense to Kimmon, but I just don’t see why women would act like that around him or the character Ming. Maybe he’s more attractive in person. I’d say this is just the extra’s acting going over the top but people actually act like that around attractive people.

Extra Thoughts

  • As soon as Pha pressed to open his car trunk I was like, “Watch it be a bed of roses.” And then I laughed when it was. Too predictable writers.
  • Only two kisses and at the very end? Blame the straight actors or the slowly building romance?

In Conclusion

2 Moons the Series was pretty good. The two main couples were sweet and charming in very cheesy ways. But besides noticing how cheesy some of the scenes were, I didn’t mind them.

While I had my problems with Yo and Pha based on the first two episodes, I do note how cute they were as a couple. Though, if the writers wanted to write more for reality instead of romantic fantasy, they too would have noticed the clear problems with these two characters.

As for MingKitt, they were less complicated, though perhaps more tropey in structure and less dynamic. That said, I loved them with all my heart and patiently await their return in the next season.

Lastly, I look forward to seeing how ForthBeam become a thing in the next season and I look forward to Beam getting more lines and things to do storywise.

Here’s to 2 Moons the Series season 2.