By the Bi Episodes 1-4 // American Web Series Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk. Today, we’re going to talk about By the Bi Episodes 1-4.

By the Bi is an American Web Series by comedian Bill Posely. Bill explains that he wanted to create this web series to give more representation to bisexual people. The first episode’s description explains further, “This is a web series about my experience being bisexual. While I do not speak for the whole community, I do feel like we’re underrepresented in the world. I hope you enjoy my satirical take on what it’s like inside the mind of a bi guy.”

My Thoughts Before Watching

I randomly came across this series when I was looking for news stories for the past Weekly Update. The Advocate wrote a story about the series, and I was like, “Hmm, I’ll check it out.” I know next to nothing about the series and it’s creator other than what was expressed in the Advocate article. I’m assuming this will be a comedic series like Gaby Dunn’s online work, but also seriously look at bisexual life like in the Entangled with You series. Let’s find out.

This is By the Bi Episodes 1-4 *.

*Since the episodes are so short (only about 3 minutes each), I’ll be reviewing all three.

Where to Watch:


The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

Episode 1: “Coming Out”

I love how the show just quickly addressed the fact that Bill was bi-racial. It was an obvious elephant in the room (at least to me), and the writing just quickly addressed it and kept on moving.

In fact, this entire episode was fast paced. It did a lot in just three minutes. It showed the personality and humor of Bill’s parents, Bills increasing disappointment towards them (which was very heavy and well done), and his parents utter confusion towards it all. I think with that the episode served its purpose of showing the coming out experience Bill is so used to.

As for the more technical aspects of the episode, I love the camera work. All the different camera angles and the focus transitions added to the scene. Also, I enjoyed the parents played by Kirk Wilson and Shondale Seymour. They were quirky yet subdued and that mix added to the humor of the scene.

Episode 2: “Insecure”

I totally get Bill’s perspective in this story. Honestly, I don’t have a story like the people in this episode. I think of myself as privileged in that sense that I was never abused, gay bashed, or anything like that. Really, I was only met with acceptance or silent tolerance. I wouldn’t say that I’m insecure about this, but I do recognize the different world perspective that it has brought me.

So again, I totally get and connect with Bill’s thoughts in this episode. That makes it very relatable to me and I appreciate him sharing this video because of that. Also, all of the people’s disappointed faces was hilarious.

Episode 3: “Intervention”

Another true and relatable video and topic.

The gay world really is another reality. People who are familiar with gay people may think they’re hip and know everything there is to know, but as a gay man don’t even know all of the ins and outs of gay society.

There’s a lot to it. From terms like otters and bears (did you know there are 7 different types of gay bears?). To different LGBT subcultures such as ball culture and drag shows.

That said, I do wanna say that I got most of the quick shot references that were made in this video. I’m pattin’ myself on the back for that one. Also, my favorite line in the episode was the “pretending Rosie is funny” line.

Episode 4: “One Girl, One Buy, One Bi”

This episode started off strong. They decided to leave out the “I’m bi” line, but instead started off right after that. ‘Cause of that, I took a second to be like, “Whoa, we just jumped right in didn’t we?”

That said, once I got into the episode it was pretty funny. Between the side-scrolling camera work, and the hyped up dates, I really enjoyed this video. The two dates were hilariously extra, especially the guy played by, with their confusion. I loved the lines, “Ok, but why men?” and “Like spoiler alert, women have vaginas.”

This was the funniest episode to me.

In Conclusion

By the Bi Episodes 1-4 were fun, fast, funny, and relatable. While I enjoyed every episode, I feel like the episodes just kept getting better and better. It’s great that though this story was created to be representation for Bisexual people, it also was able to bridge the gap towards me as well. If you also found any of the videos relatable, make sure to let me know down in the comments below.

My rating for By the Bi Episodes 1-4 is 4 stars out of 5. What’s Yours?