Entangled With You Episodes 16-17 // American Web Series Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk! In this post we’re going to talk about Entangled With You Episodes 16-17.

Entangled with You is an American Dramedy Web Series. The official premise found on the Entangled with You web site goes:

After suffering breakups, a stoic lesbian moves in with a perky straight woman. With nothing in common beyond mutual heartache, the two form an unlikely bond as conflicts with their significant others force them closer.

Created by Caryn K. Hayes, Entangled is a relationship dramedy following roommates Alisha (Kathryn J. Taylor) and Jaliyah (Loren Lillian), who move in together after separating from their partners. Emotional and perky, Alisha takes a reluctant Jaliyah on her up-and-down grief tour, while the stoic and cool Jaliyah deals with her own loss.

Only… Alisha’s on-and-off-again boyfriend, Craig (Al Thompson) and Rocky (Jessica Meza), Jaliyah’s girlfriend, never leave the picture. Failing to fully disconnect from their relationships leaves the roomies in a constant back and forth with their emotions and the pair form an unlikely bond as their lives begin to intersect in unexpected ways.

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My Thoughts Before Watching

We’re at the end guys. These are the last two episodes of this web series. Honestly, in this episode I’m just looking for some good moments with Jen and Kassie, a resolution with Jaliyah and Alisha, and for the exs to finally settle down.

Let’s hope we get that.

This is Entangled With You Episodes 16-17.

Where to Watch:

Episode 16 on Youtube

Episodes 17 on Youtube

The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

Episode 16: “It’s Handled”

I think it’s fair to say that Alisha didn’t know what she wanted, but it’s also fair to say that Jaliyah was holding herself back. The two were pulling each other apart when they could have been together.

So, using Jen as the thing pushing them together was a good solution from the writing. Yes, it’s been done many times before, but it’s true to life, easy, and it works.

Also, I really liked the kind of espionage feel the episode had in the later half. The fun and excitement of that came through to me as the viewer.

Episode 17: “Lose to Win”

While watching Alisha and Jaliyah talking in bed I had a thought. I like that in this show there was a lot of communication and understanding between the characters. .

Yes, there was drama brought up from secrets and also over-communication that led to fighting. That said, there was never any flimsy lack of communication. Jaliyah got close with her denying her feelings and projecting that as “Alisha’s straight,” but she still talked that out with Jen and eventually Alisha.

I just appreciate that everyone’s upfront with what they’re thinking and feeling (even if it takes them a moment to get there).

The Couples

That’s why I love Jen and Kassie so much. They’re all about communication. It doesn’t matter if it’s talking or yelling. Even when Jen deflects topics, Kassie calls her on it. They are loving and understanding. They are perfection.

As for the other relationships, Rocky and Jaliyah’s relationship sucked from start to finish. I never liked the pair. Never. But their last scene in this episode almost had me. I loved that they were communicating, but hated how it turned to a fight.

The end stated that they still keep in touch, but I feel like that was a cop-out. Like Jaliyah said, maybe they ruined things between them by stretching it out. Let it end.

Next, Darrel and Candice never really appealed to me. While I hated Rocky and Jaliyah, was confused by Alisha and Jaliyah, and loved Jen and Kassie, I felt almost nothing for Darrel and Candice. That said, Darrel, Candice, and Gladys were a funny trio in the last few episodes. That momma/Gladys joke was the funniest in the episode.

As for Alisha and Jaliyah, I’ve come around to them. I worried when they first got together and couldn’t wrap my head around them. Even now I don’t fully click with the concept of them as a couple. But, Alisha’s talk of broadening her horizons really brought it home to me. I respect the idea of their union and their love for one another.

In Conclusion

This show, and its characters, were an emotional roller coaster, but I’ve got to say I had fun watching and it gave me one of my favorite couples yet. As for the message of the whole show, Jaliyah’s line near the end of the episode was so on point that I’m going to use it to end the blog post.

“I feel like relationships that are meant to last… they last because you work at it, and you foster it, take the time to let it grow. And if you bring in flowers before they’re ready to grow, they’re gonna stunt their growth.”

My rating for Entangled With You Episodes 16-17 is 3 stars out of 5. What’s Yours?

Extra Thoughts

  • I loved the song choice at the start of Episode 16
  • The thing I will miss most about this show, of course, is Jen and Kassie.
  • While it sucks that Craig didn’t “get the girl.” I don’t feel too bad for him. I mean, looking in their window? Really?
  • That psych out at the end with Alisha almost got me. Well played.