Grey Rainbow Episode 1 // Thai TV Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk. In this post we’re going to talk about Grey Rainbow Episode 1.

Grey Rainbow was a thai tv mini-series about the love between Nuer (played by Nut or Nutchapon Rattanamongkol) & Porsche (played by Karn or Kasidej Hongladaromp). Nuer is the son of the owner of an elephant camp while Porsche is a law student. While in university, they were roommates and close friends, each fighting against the feelings that one has for the other.

My Thoughts Before Watching

First off, big shoutout to Joseph who recommended this comic. And yes readers, I do listen to recommendations. Just remember that Devin’s slow sometimes lol. So it might take a while for me to get to your recommendation.

Anyway, I knew this show was happening last year, but I didn’t watch it. I was too focused on Make it Right the Series and Part Time the Series at the time, so I let it pass by. That’s why I especially appreciate Joseph recommending it. It led me back to the show.

Other than the premise I have no idea what the story’s going to be like and what the show will be like, so I’m goign in with no bias or misconceptions. This should be interesting.

This is Grey Rainbow Episode 1.

Where to Watch:

The Official PPTV Youtube Channel

The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

The Production and The Line


Let’s start by talking about the end, the production, and then we’ll get back to the start again.

I think the most powerful part of this episode was a single line. The line that Porsche said at the end. “Your work brings you to temples, while mine brings me to nightclubs.” The strength and significance of that line alone was great. It signifies what I think is the underlining struggle going on with Porsche and with the story overall. Straight love is able to be out in the open while gay love has to struggle.

Next is my one complaint. The room for the photo shoot had terrible lighting. I’m an amateur who knows terrible lighting (just watch my Youtube videos lol).

This production team however is way more experienced than I am and way more equipped. Plus, they were trying to imitate a photo shoot. It should have been better lit. Even if it was just for one 30 second scene.

That said, was the one production error in an otherwise well produced episode. The sets look good, the real life scenery like the temples look amazing, the directing and camerawork are smooth too. You can tell this production either had a good sized budget or a good team working the budget.

The Start

Now back to the start, which honestly confused me.

At first there was the lecture scene which I totally got. I got that they didn’t show the face of the lecturer because it was Porsche, it was a flashforward, and it gave a sort of mysterious air to the scene and show. From the faceless Porsche, to the very serious air, to the cliffhanger at the end. It was a nice atmosphere builder for the show.

But then the story lost me for a second as I didn’t understand the setup at the start of Grey Rainbow Episode 1. I thought for a second that the two were already grad students, living separately, and were re-meeting after Porsche had been away and had Nuea look after his pets. But no, it was just a small flashback and the two are in college, dorming together, and Porsche must have just gone on a short trip.

That said, I kind of miss the idea of it being a story of them in their college days and then switching between that and their later years.  My Bromance the Series  got me into a story format like that of flipping between past and present. So that was a little bit of a bummer.

The Characters

As for the two main actors, their acting was pretty on par for me in Grey Rainbow Episode 1. Ther was nothing bad and nothing amazing.

I will say though that the chemistry between Nuer and Porsche is very genuine. It’s not hard to make a friendship believable in a tv show. That said, the two seem especially close to me. Their comfort with each other was very apparent from their hanging out, studying together, physical contact, joking around, and more.

Next, if you’ll allow me to talk about the two actors’s physical appearances for a moment, I would love to. First off, Nut is fine as all else. Second, Karn has a great tall and slim body. He has the type of look that screams model. Plus his hair is fabulous. Whatever backstage makeup person worked on that should get a raise.

As they stood in the middle of the boxing club they were just so attractive that it actually distracted me. Not in a, “I’m getting heated” kind of way, but in an art gallery. kind of stunning, kind of way. If you get what I mean.

Then moving on to their love story, there isn’t one yet. Despite the premise, so far it looks like the story is about Porsche in love with Nuer. Of course, I’m sure that’s just on the surface level. Maybe Nuer’s secretly in love, or maybe he’ll fall later. We’ll see.

Lastly, I liked the Ice character. Mostly because I’m like that to my friends (especially when it comes to who they’re dating). Having a funny, know-it-all character to ride the other characters is fun to watch.

LGBT Factor

In addition, this series has a great LGBT theme and story and not just a BL (straight guys liking straight guys) romance.

I was first happy to find out that the teacher was gay. I was hoping for a good mentor/mentee story, but it doesn’t look like we’ll get that. (Speaking of, Karn and the actor for the teacher got the interview scene right. That over niceness and excitement between a teacher and a student was realistic and well done).

Also, I love how the Porche character is developed. He’s gay, he has LGBT friends, and he is into LGBT law. He just hasn’t told his roommate about that side of his life. I find that very interesting, a little sad, and well done.

That said, he needs to work on his sensitivity skills.  Porsche’s interview questions to the club singer were very intrusive. His paper is about LGBT law, so I was thinking the questions would be along the lines of “what are your thoughts on marriage equality?” Not stuff like, “Do you have a lover? How do you know he’s straight?” Unless he was making a survey, I feel like those questions were too much. (Which was clearly the point).

In Conclusion

I ended up focusing on Porsche more, but that’s mostly because he’s the one with the strong LGBT storyline. Also, he had a lot more character development than Nuer had. Of course I would gravitate towards him more. So, I look forward to seeing more of Nuer in a future episode.

Also, besides that one production error, I found the rest of Grey Rainbow Episode 1 to be wonderfully produced. It had great camera work, beautiful scenery and shots, and a likable lead role. I’m interested in watching more.

My rating for Grey Rainbow Episode 1 is 3 out of 5. What’s Yours?

Extra Thoughts

  • Apparently this mini-series was grouped into a series of different mini-series about love. The video has an intro with a commercial for the other series and I was honestly interested.
  • Go to Part (3/5) of Grey Rainbow Episode 1 and then go to 10:10. I paused the video and laughed at that face for 3 minutes.
  • I wonder what the minutes are in Porche’s notes. Is Porche saying how long that moment lasted for instance?
  • Speaking of watching more, I’ll be posting about the next episode this Tuesday April 4th.