Grey Rainbow Episode 3 // Thai TV Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk. In this post we’re going to talk about Grey Rainbow Episode 3.

Grey Rainbow was a thai tv mini-series about the love between Nuer (played by Nut or Nutchapon Rattanamongkol) & Porsche (played by Karn or Kasidej Hongladaromp). Nuer is the son of the owner of an elephant camp while Porsche is a law student. While in university, they were roommates and close friends, each fighting against the feelings that one has for the other.

My Thoughts Before Watching

In this post and another post that’ll go up today, I’ll be watching and finishing Grey Rainbow. I enjoyed the performances by the two actors and the high production value of the show. So, I look forward to seeing both in these final episodes.

This is Grey Rainbow Episode 3.

Where to Watch:

The Official PPTV Youtube Channel

The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

My heart goes out to people who are older when they discover they are into the same sex or want to change their gender. I realized I was gay early on in my life, so I didn’t have to deal with so many people expecting a heteronormative life out of me. Seeing Porsche and Nuer come out to their parents just reminded me of my… privilege… I guess.

Nuer’s Parents

First we’ll talk about Nuer’s family.

When Nuer and Porsche had the airplane scene I thought it was both sweet and a little stupid. While I was watching I was thinking things like, “What if they dropped the airplane and someone one else found it later. What if someone found them sleeping?” Little did I know that they would actually be that careless.

In fact, they’re idiots. They’re absolute idiots. If you’re going to hide your relationship at least be smart about it. Why would they leave the evidence? Why would they leave the airplane to be read? That was just beyond stupid and I was livid when I saw Khampun with the airplane.

But luckily that family ended on a happy note. It’s nice that Nuer’s parents accepted him and Porsche after the initial shock. That’s how it should always go. Other than  immediate acceptance of course.

Porsche’s Parents

Of course, Porsche’s parents went in the opposite direction.

As soon as I saw Porsche’s parents at the resort I knew things were going to go south. Well, at least its out in the open. Also, clearly the real problem in Porsche’s family is the father. Good on his mother for not taking his crap.

And then of course, Nuer had to take it that he was the problem… Typical. Honestly, it’s not on him to give up his own happiness for Porsche’s mother’s. The problem isn’t with them, it’s with Porsche’s hateful father. Nuer rejecting his own happiness does fix the problem for everyone.

On a slightly side note: The rage coming from the father/son fight scenes were very well acted. I believed every second whereas I had a moment when I thought Porsche and his mother at the start of the episode seemed off. I guess it’s easier to act angry than it is to act out loving closeness.

In Conclusion

This blog post was more about my thoughts on what happened in the episode than a critical review of Grey Rainbow Episode 3. (As is the norm for Queer Fudanshi).

That said, I want to say quickly that I really think the cinematography and directing are very clever overall. The multiple angle shots, the mirror reflection shot, the river bank scene. To the untrained eye, aka me, it all looks inspired.

As for the acting, most of it was believable to me. My rating scale for acting usually goes hilariously bad, bad, believable, and amazing, so Grey Rainbow Episode 3 being believable to me is a good thing.

This episode was all about coming out and deal with broken expectations, but I’ll say this episode met mine of being a good watch.

My rating for Grey Rainbow Episode 3 is 4 stars out of 5. What’s Yours?

Extra Thoughts

  • That bed head at the start of the episode….
  • Wait, so Nuer and Jane both had resorts? Rich kids….
  • Porsche’s closet and suitcase were so bare. I have so many clothes I don’t know where to put them, I even left a bunch of them at my old house when I moved, and whenever I travel my suitcases are always so full I have to sit on them to close them.
  • What if some of the timed messages were actually Nuers? I feel like they’re not, but that would have been a nice reveal.
  • Khampun is my favorite. That actress won this episode. “Maybe he has a fight with someone…” Drops the mic. Walks away.
  • Question for readers outside the US: Do rulers have both cms and inches on them? I would understand why we’d need both (since next to nobody else goes by inches), but do you guys bother with the imperial system?
  • Also, that Sam guy? Jerk.
    • Btw, I might have spoiled the ending of this show for myself, and if it Grey Rainbow Episode 4 does end the way I think it’s going to I’ll be very sad.