Hanging Out Episode 3 // Filipino Web Series Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. In this post we’re going to talk about Hanging Out Episode 3.

Hanging Out is a Filipino web series about David, played by Paulito Del Mundo, a 20-something year old sketch artist. He one day goes out for a Grindr hookup. It turns out that his plans mistakenly get mixed up with a group of friends. This “wrong place at the right time” event kickstarts his love story with the man named Adrian, played by Jox Gonzales.

My Thoughts Before Watching

I’m just down. Right? I’m so into watching this show that I don’t even have to say anything other than that. Honestly, as long as I have the main couple being cute and the friends being fun and lively, I’m happy. That’s all I want and need. So, let’s get started.

This is Hanging Out Episode 3 aka “Go-To Guys”

The premise for this episode: Fidel and David discover that a night of booze or bookings can’t distract from the truth—that the people they’ve known all their life hardly know them at their present. Old friendships can die out, especially when the promise of something new can be as comforting as a bowl of goto.

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The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

At the start of the episode I was like, “Omg, David has other friends?” I know that’s perfectly logical and ok, but part of me feels like he’s cheating on his other friends. Speaking of said friends, David’s friends were mad slutty. Far be it from me to judge anybody for their sexuality, but the show was clearly trying to shine these guys in a bad light. Adrian’s group of friends are being compared to David’s who only talk about sex and more sex.

In general, this episode was about bad friends and dying friendships. First, there’s David’s friends who ditch him, and then Fidel’s friends who were insensitive.

Theme of Friendships

I love that this series is just cool with talking about and showing real life situations without a “decency” censor. First the whole perspective of gay nightlife and obsession with sex, sex, sex, and then second with the massage parlor conversation. While the story isn’t being fully dimensional in showing all sides of those issues, at least it’s talking about them instead of just pretending they don’t exist.

I also like this episode’s message about friendship. Sometimes friendships die out and that’s ok. that’s life. As time goes on you will heal from that and you’l find other friends who will support you. It’s funny because I grew up on shows like Friends and Boy Meets World where close groups of friends stuck together for years. This then presented this idea that true and ideal friendships stick together for life. I like that Hanging Out Episode 3 was more realistic in it’s presentation of friendship.

In Conclusion

I liked Hanging Out Episode 3. It gave me the two things I wanted. Adrian and David being cutesy and shy as well as a member of the gang being buddy buddy with David. In fact, I loved the broness of David and Fidel (not bromance but bros). I also liked the message that friendships can die out sometimes and that’s ok. It was a good episode all around.

My rating for Hanging Out Episode 3 is 4 stars out of 5. What’s Yours?