Hanging Out Episode 4 // Filipino Web Series Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk. In this post we’re going to be talking about Hanging Out Episode 4.

Hanging Out is a Filipino web series about David, played by Paulito Del Mundo, a 20-something year old sketch artist. He one day goes out for a Grindr hookup. It turns out that his plans mistakenly get mixed up with a group of friends. This “wrong place at the right time” event kickstarts his love story with the man named Adrian, played by Jox Gonzales.

My Thoughts Before Watching

Same as always. Done to watch it, so let’s get started.

This is Hanging Out Episode 4 aka “Coming Close”*

*Warning: Though short, there is a pretty intense sex scene in this episode. As such, I’ve labeled this post as nsfw.

The premise for this episode: After a mishap in the bedroom, Kiko realizes that no matter how you try to protect yourself (or the friend who only sees you as such), someone can still get hurt. Likewise, David discovers that love’s game can be lost when you play things too safe

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The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

Important Topic/Message

As I always say when watching this series, I love its reliability. The show talks about topics such as friendship, gay dating, and gay sex. While this series focuses on those issues through a Filipino perspective, there is no loss of translation for foreign viewers like myself. That’s pretty great.

As for this episode, its topic was a very important one. As soon as Kiko talked about a broken condom and mentioned 3 months I knew where the story was headed. Hanging Out Episode 4’s topic was about HIV/AIDS.

Why this episode’s topic was important is because it gets the point across that you shouldn’t be afraid to get tested. It’s only a simple prick and a quick 20 minute wait before you get your answer. In addition, there are several places that do this test for free!

If you’re still scared, have a friend or family member that you love and trust go with you. That eases the anxiety. Most importantly, if you are sexually active you should get tested every 3 months. Especially if you’ve had a broken condom scare, or are a fan of barebacking.

Honestly, this episode had me thinking for a second going, “When did I last get tested…. oh ok. I’m good.” The relatability and importance of the topic is actually inspiring. It’s made me think that I wanna talk about more about HIV/AIDS for a future Random Talk.

Kiko and David

Also, I like how these episodes focus on different friends. Episode 2 was about Jessie and Misha. Episode 3 was about Fidel. And now episode 4 is about Kiko played by Albert Saspa.

I liked Kiko. Sapsa played him with a very calm and subdued nature. In addition, his interaction with his “not quite boyfriend” was sweet… and a little spicy.

I mean really, that sex scene though. As I always say when I watch a sex scene, good for the actors for committing, and  that was a pretty graphic sex scene to commit to. There was no artsy cover up. Just full on, heated sex.

While I’m talking about relationships, I don’t really understand the David and Adrian couple. I believe what happened in this episode was that David felt Adrian wanted to rush into a relationship too fast. While it was happening I was a little confused to be honest though.

I feel like I want a future episode that focuses entirely on an update on where these two stand. Of course, the confusion between the two is how the characters both feel and it makes their relationship charming in a way.

In Conclusion

This was a nice episode. It wasn’t amazing to watch and it felt pretty fast, but it served an amazing purpose and for the good delivery of that I give Hanging Out Episode 4 huge props.

My rating for Hanging Out Episode 4 is 4 stars out of 5. And a QF star. What’s Yours?