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 Key Terms to Know:

Queer Fudanshi Post Terms:

  • QF Star: Not to be confused with the star rating at the end of every review, if a medium gains this tag then it is considered one of my favorite stories or a solid representation of LGBT/Queer life or characters.
  • Last Month’s Queer Reviews: On the first Monday of every month there will be a list of the past month’s reviews. If you missed some of last month’s posts and want to catch up or want a list to choose from, this is the place to go.
  • The Weekly Update: Every Friday there will be a post of the week’s LGBT themed media news. News topics could range from castings in movies to releases of LGBT friendly video games.
  • NSFW: Not Safe for Work. Queer Fudanshi is a family friendly site. Part of the purpose of this site is to make LGBT and Queer themed media accessible for younger audiences in need of representation. That said, some media sources may be too mature, sexually themed, or graphic in content to be viewed by those below eighteen years old. In this case, the label NSFW will be included in the post’s title, text, and tag.
  • Rambletime: Posted on Mondays. I ramble/talk about several different issues such as “Why #GiveCaptainAmericaAGirlfriend is Plausible, but not Possible” or “Why Korrasami was a Revelation.”
  • Storytime: Posted on Mondays. I share personal stories about things going on in my life in the past or in the present.
  • Character Study: This Monday post discusses the LGBT characters of a medium. I write these posts to discuss the Queer characters/themes if a show doesn’t focus enough on those things to warrant reviewing. In addition, CS’s might go up if we just wanna discuss characters in detail.

Other Important Terms:

  • Transgender: A person who’s gender identity differs with their sex at birth.
  • Transsexual: A person who wishes to appear like the opposite sex than the one they had a birth. Also, when a person has their sex changed through surgery and/or hormones they change from Transgender to Transsexual.
  • Genderfluid/Non-Gender Conforming: Someone who does not conform to the gender roles of their society, and possibly does not claim a gender at all.
  • Web Series: Low budget/Indie TV shows on the internet. This medium releases a series of videos, usually episodic, online.
  • Streaming: Entertainment such as Netlfix and Hulu. That said, on QF these will be categorized under TV.
  • Oneshot: This term is usually used concerning Asian comics and anime, but can be used towards other things. The term is references single and solo installments of stories. It’s like a short story or a single chaptered comic, short and sweet.

Asian Specific Terms:

  • Manga: Japanese comic books. There are several different genres within this media. From romance, to action & adventure, to drama.
  • Manhwa: Korean comic books.
  • Manhua: Chinese Comic Books
  • Visual Novel: This is a combination of a book and a video game. A Visual Novel is a story much like a novel, but it is enhanced with images and sometimes audio. Visual Novels, just like any other medium, has several genres within it, from romances to mysteries and horror. In addition, one common trait within popular visual novel is a choose your own adventure-esque setup, where the player/reader will pick decisions that will effect the outcome of the story.
  • Boy’s Love: This is a romance genre focused on male same-sex relationships. This genre is usually targeted toward women, but has a good male following as well. In addition, this genre is found in many media such as comics and tv shows.
  • Yaoi/Shounen Ai: Boy’s love manga. This manga genre is a romance genre, and focused on presenting gay male relationships. Shounen Ai is primarily focused on just the emotional aspects of the relationship, while yaoi also includes erotic content.
  • Fudanshi: When translated from Japanese the term “fudanshi” literally means “rotten boy.” The term references guys who like yaoi or “boys love” manga.
  • Fujoshi: The female version of “fudanshi.” Literally meaning “rotten girl” in English. The term refers to women who like yaoi or “boys love” manga.
  • Yuri/Shoujo Ai: Girl’s love manga. Like Yaoi, Yuri focuses homosexual romance, but between women. Shoujo Ai is does not include erotic situations, but could lead up to them.

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