Legend of Rune Demo // BL Game Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s talk. Today, we’re going to talk about the Legend of Rune Demo.

If you guys don’t know, the Legend of Rune is a Boys Love game that was just successfully backed on Kickstarter.

Here is the official premise found from the Kickstarter Page:

“100 years from now, a child will be born who bears the mark of the fire clan on his face. When this boy grows older, he will become so powerful that the entire world will be destroyed by his hands.”

Meet Rune; a young fire mage who has been destined to destroy the world.

Rune grew up living in hiding with his father, Len. They lived peacefully in their small secluded cabin, but then, one day, soldiers from the Kingdom of Salvis came and took Rune away.

The kingdom keeps him imprisoned for five years, until, on his 18th birthday, Rune blacks out and wakes up to find himself in the middle of a forest. In his confusion, Rune begins to wander through the woods, and his journey to escape his destiny begins.

On his adventure, Rune meets 4 other mages that aid him in his travels; each with their own desires and motives for joining Rune’s party. What secrets do these men hold?

My Thoughts Before Playing

So clearly, I am excited for this game to come out. I keep talking about the game and doing weekly update reports on it, so it’s pretty clear I’m a fan. Recently, while I was looking over the Kickstarter page, for whatever reason, I discovered that a demo for the game was found at the bottom of the page! I was so excited for this I just had to play it and review it.

In addition, I have FINALLY created the Queer Fudanshi Gaming Youtube Channel where I will be playing BL visual novels and games with LGBT themes/characters. This demo is the first game to be played on the channel, so you guys can go watch me play that if you like.

This is the Legend of Rune Demo.

Where to Play:

Demo Download on Kickstarter Page

The Talk (Spoilers Ahead):

As always, after reading this blog post head over to the Queer Fudanshi Youtube channel to get my other thoughts.



My review for this demo will be short because this demo was very short. The demo was basically just supposed to tease you with a quick 10-15 minute gameplay before blocking you out and forcing you to wait until the release of the full game. In that respect, it was a lot like the Sentimental Trickster Demo.



The gameplay for the Legend of Rune Demo was relatively simple. It was the typical visual novel setup of story and choices. The demo only had one choice that made almost no difference. There was only a difference of about 3 or 4 lines. Of course, it’s a short demo, so I can’t really complain can I?

The real substance in this demo’s gameplay was the “battle.” This game setups up a somewhat interesting way of engaging the player. What story-wise is a battle between a mage and a soldier is shown to the player as a “puzzle.” I put quotations around the word puzzle because it’s not really a puzzle, at least not the one in the demo. What the battle really acts like is a game of Candy Crush.

That’s not a bad thing. Candy Crush is a fun and addicting game. Adding that to this BL game sounds like a fun and interesting new addition to the genre. In fact, I really enjoyed playing that section of the game.

The Artwork


One other thing that I can say about this quick demo is that the artwork is very beautiful. I hope the rest of the game has as much detail and passion behind the artwork as this demo did. From what I’ve seen on Tumblr and as a backer of the project, I feel pretty safe to say that it will.

In Conclusion


Like I said, I don’t have a lot to say about this demo because it is so short. That said, I did enjoy the Legend of Rune Demo and was very upset when it ended. Again, you can see that for yourself by clicking on this link to the new Queer Fudanshi Gaming Youtube Channel. Sadly, that’s all we’ll get for the game until either a beta or the release of the full game sometime next year.

My rating for the Legend of Rune Demo is 4 stars out of 5.