Sentimental Trickster Demo Video Game Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi! Let’s talk! Today, we’re going to talk about the Sentimental Trickster Demo.

If you haven’t already, head over to the latest Weekly Update, where I talked about Sentimental Trickster and it’s current Kickstarter campaign.

A quick summary is that the creator, Justyna Pustelnik, created the game in a moment of clarity. She decided to start spending her life doing things that made her happy, and making Sentimental Trickster is exactly that. The game follows Haru as he moves to a big city to go to college. Sentimental Trickster is a BL visual novel, so of course there are also four characters that the player can then pursue a relationship with.

The game is currently being funded on Kickstarter, and is in the works to be released on Steam as well. It’s not finished yet, but in the meantime there is a free demo out to play.

My Thoughts Before Playing

The creator actually emailed me herself and asked me to review the game, and I’m happy to do so. I’m always happy to support LGBT media, and Kickstarters. In addition, I love BL comics, shows, and games, so I’m especially happy to get the word out about Sentimental Trickster.

I wonder how exactly that title will come into the game. Whenever I write a story I have a tough time naming it before it’s finished, ’cause I never know if the title fits the story or not.

Other than that,  I don’t really have anything to say about the game yet. I’m just interested in playing.

This is the Sentimental Trickster Demo.

Where to Play:

The Demo*

*Like I said, the game is not finished yet, so this is just a demo. It’s free however and optimized for all computers, so try it out. Then, if you like it consider backing it on Kickstarter (link found in the intro).

My Review (Spoilers Ahead):

ST Demo Over Already

That was too fast!!!

I enjoyed what I played, but I’m sad I didn’t get to play a lot. The Sentimental Trickster Demo is pretty short at about 30 mins. I’m sad ’cause I was just getting started and then it ended. That said, what I did see was pretty good.

The Atmosphere and Main Character

Haru 1

Haru 2

Just from the start this game feels real. More real than other BL games I’ve planned. The young son having a phone call with his worried mother. Not only does that, and the music, make the intro feel relatable, but it also creates a calm and warm atmosphere. The game starts off with heart.

In addition, the main character Haru has a bold personality. He’s so opinionated and interesting to watch. He almost comes off as personable and familiar like a friend. I think this is so surprising to me because Japanese visual novels usually have pretty tame main characters. This is probably so that the gamer can then place themselves into the main character’s shoes. That said, I actually prefer Sentimental Trickster’s way better.

Because of those two things this visual novel seems very friendly to me. It’s light and approachable.

The Other Characters

Sentimental Trickster Target Acquired

Bias/Target Acquired

Going with that, all the other characters seem to have fleshed out personalities. Mind you, they aren’t over the top or extreme opposites that seem cartoonish, but they seem to have human personalities. It takes skill as a writer to be able to give me an idea of who a person is, but then leave so much left to be discovered later. And all that in just about 30 mins of game play!

Also, there were two minor characters who showed in one scene that I’d like to get to know more too. Add on the fact that they were girls who didn’t come off as terrible people (a common BL trope), and you’ll find that I’m very happy with this game’s characters.

The Choices

Sentimenal Trickster Choices

STOP! Oh god no! I can’t make decisions!

Lastly, the choices. Oh, the choices. Since this is a Demo there really weren’t many choices to make, but me being the over-controlling person I am, any choice is a hard choice.

When I play a game I normally have to have all the information. That’s the Slytherin in me, I have to cheat! When I play Stardew Valley, I always have the game wiki open to tell me where to find this townsperson on a certain day, or when I can grow this certain vegetable. When I play dating sims/visual novels I have to have all the choices info so I know how to get the result I want.

That in mind, going into this demo and when I will play the full game I’m worried. I’m just like, “Omg, what? Choices?” I am curious on whether the full game will come with that route info, or if I will have to just jump in an figure it all out myself. Part of me sees the beauty of just jumping in, but the Slytherin part doesn’t wanna take the chance of a bad ending.

In Conclusion

This game looks promising. I will be backing this game on Kickstarter and hope that it gets finished and becomes playable. Remember guys, if you want to see more BL games/LGBT media being made, you have to put your money behind it.

While the demo was short, it did get me interested and I hope to have Sentimental Trickster become a reality in the near future.

My rating for the Sentimental Trickster Demo is 4 stars out of 5. What’s yours?

Did you play the Sentimental Trickster demo? If so, what’s your rating? What did you think? Which character are you going to pursue (Cool Guy for me. Then Hot Guy. Next, the Kind Old Guy. And finally, the Mean Guy). If you haven’t, why not? Click the link above and get to it!

And as always, I hope you’re all doing well.