The 10 Year Plan // American Film Review

Welcome To Queer Fudanshi. Let’s talk. In this post, we’re going to talk about The 10 Year Plan.

The 10 Year Plan is a 2014 indie film about two best friends who fall in love.

Specifically, the story follows Myles who’s just been broken up with by an ex (again). Myles is an insatiable romantic who wants to fall in love (or rather, want’s someone to fall in love with him). Brody, Myles’s long time friend, saves the day by cheering him up and promising that if Myles is still single in ten years, the two will get together.

Ten years later, Brody doesn’t want to keep up his end of the bargain and Myles is as hopelessly single as possible. Time for Brody to either link up with his friend or find someone else who will.

This is The 10 Year Plan.

The Trailer

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The Talk (Non-Spoilers)

This is probably as bland as a movie can get. There is absolutely no point or way to mince words concerning that.

The 10 Year Plan just isn’t. It isn’t exciting, it isn’t innovative, it isn’t worth your time. That’s not to say the film is terrible, it’s just the the film is neither terrible nor amazing. It’s just ok.

The two main characters are bland verging on obnoxious stereotypes and caricatures (along with the supporting cast). The story is as basic as can be to the point that it gave me a later ’90s/2000s gay film vibe (and not in a fun nostalgic way).

I don’t like sharing such negative thoughts about films and media (because then I become more of reviewer than a recommender), but this film was just so bland that there’s nothing else to say.

The Talk (Spoilers)


I’ve already said most of it in the non-spoiler section, but let me elaborate a little bit more for you guys.

When watching the 10 Year Plan, I couldn’t help feeling like the film reminded me of earlier gay films. It feels like the creator of this film tried to make the film feel like that era in gay culture’s life span and simply we’ve left that time.

Because of that, there’s this continuing mentality of “gayness” that both doesn’t click and makes the film feel bland. The need to go to a gogobar, the Queer As Folk-esque Brody, and even the picket-fence like lifestyle that most or all of the characters follow.

The Boys

While Front Cover was just an ok film but at least had charming characters and an interesting message, this film has neither.

The two main leads of this film are two good looking guys, but that’s the only interesting thing about them. First off, they are both total extremes. The stereotypical promiscuous gay man archetype has been done ten times over and Brody came off as, a kind-hearted, douche just like the rest of them.

Meanwhile, Myles comes off as overly neurotic and overly obsessed with love. There’s a clear reason why he’s not taken and despite the film trying to make it cute, his actions in the name of love are still creepy.

That’s not to say that the characters were totally disagreeable, but they were mostly just pretty faces with nothing else but flaws and stereotypes behind that. (Though, to be fair to the movie’s story, that’s very much the point).

The Other Characters

Quickly, I do have to note that I liked the inclusion of a straight couple in the story. While it was predictable that the two friends of Brody and Myles would get together, I liked that this world at least had a little more going on with it than just Brody and Myles.

I also loved Myle’s friend/coworker Diane. Though she was horrifyingly over-the-top, I kind of loved that about her. And I loved the inclusion of a straight male best friend for Brody, a type of relationship I cherish both in real life and in entertainment media.

In Conclusion

I decided to check out this film on a slow day when I was bored and in the mood to watch a bunch of gay films and the 10 Year Plan was by far the least entertaining one.

As much as I don’t like bagging on content, I can’t lie about that fact. This movie was greatly not for me.

But do you disagree with me? Do you like this movie? Let me know down in the comments why and let’s talk about it.