Will & Grace (2017) Episodes 1-2 // American TV Review

Welcome to Queer Fudanshi. Let’s Talk. In this post, we’re going to talk about Will & Grace (2017) Episodes 1 & 2.

Will & Grace was an American tv show from the late 1990s to early 2000s. It was the first gay themed tv show to be watched and praised from mainstream audiences. Don’t get me wrong, there were several gay themed shows before Will & Grace, but it was this NBC show that the general populace accepted first.

The show followed titular characters Will Turner and Grace Adler, a lawyer and a interior designer living in New York City. The two were both the stereotypical gay man and best female friend as well as an odd couple of the serious and together guy with the eccentric mess girl.

On top of that, the show also starred Jack and Karen. Jack was Will’s longtime friend and neighbor while Karen was Grace’s rich assistant. (Many believe these two were a funnier couple than the show’s titular characters).

Together, the four made a hilarious tv experience that lasted 8 season, but has now returned to tv screens through a revival (that’s already been greenlit for a second season). Now, we see the famous four return to make goofy jokes in similar situations but in a very different world and American than when the show left off.

The Trailer

This is Will & Grace (2017) Episodes 1-2.

Where To Watch:

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**Note: If you didn’t watch the original series and don’t have access to Hulu or the DVDs, the official Will & Grace Youtube channel has several highlight clips.

The Talk (Non-Spoilers):

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Will & Grace (2017) Episodes 1-2 are a great start to the revival series. While episode 1 came off a little too political to my liking, the second episode was focused more on social commentary about the gay community and I was all about that.

This series is a lot like the original one with the same brand of humor and characters who have virtually gone unchanged. Really, the only thing that’s different is the world around them. While I at first was worried about that, I’ve learned to accept that and am sure I’ll grow to love it.

Honestly, Will & Grace (2017) Episodes 1-2 have convinced me that this show is in good hands, and I look forward to watching more.

The Talk (Spoilers):

Episode 1

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The reason that this show has gotten a revival is because of the random reunion web video they did last year in order to get more voters to vote against Donald Trump (sadly, that didn’t work). With that, the start of this revival series is extremely political… to a detriment.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the message of being political and informed and fighting the Trump Administration (which has proven itself to be no friend to the LGBTQ community). That said, this first episode seems to almost put aside being funny to be politically “woke.” I’d rather it had toned down some of the politics and focused more on reintroducing me to the characters.

That said, the episode did do a good job of jumping back into the characters’s world. They started off as if nothing happened in between the near decade that we haven’t been watching them. While watching, I sometimes was worried about that because I wanted things to change and for the characters to evolve, but Will’s line of “we know it’ll be the same” softened that expectation.

It’s a typical sitcom after all. By the end of each episode everything will be back to how it was at the start. This show isn’t like other scomedies like The Good Place (which is a fantastic show and you should all check it out even if it doesn’t have an LGBTQ aspect to it).

Episode 2

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While I didn’t really sink into episode 1 as much, I loved episode 2. Not only did it have it’s bigger message like in the first episode, but it was back to being genuinely funny, or at least wacky, like the first series.

I loved watching Will and Jack struggling with growing older and becoming “daddy aged.” Seeing them stress about body fat and then being ashamed of millennial gays’s lack of gay history knowledge was not only funny and fun but also enlightening to me.

The whole comparison of millennial gays having it much easier than gay men just a decade or two older than them was a big message to the story that not only added to the humor but carried social weight. It had me thinking about how I’m a millennial and yet idolize earlier gay culture.

While episode 1 beat me over the head with politics, this episodes pleasantly invited me to conversation about the changes in gay culture. While I don’t necessarily mind the prior (to an extent), I’d much prefer the latter.

Though I’ve gotta say, I didn’t care for Karen and Grace’s B-storyline at all. In fact, I tuned out during the latter half of it.

In Conclusion

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I’m very happy after watching Will & Grace (2017) Episodes 1-2. These two episodes have convinced me that this revival series will do well. The show is a nice balance of the same as always but also acknowledging what’s changed in the world. I’m anxious to see if the series will continue to incorporate modern factors of gay life in America (including having some people of color!).

I look forward to seeing more than Will & Grace (2017) Episodes 1-2 and I hope those episodes are just as fabulous as the first two.